Friday, February 20, 2009

Kanye West: The Ego Has NOT Landed

Stop the press!!!

Kanye West has announced he is done lip syncing (I mean, trying to sing) in the music business and and is ready to pour all his "superhero" energy into conquering fashion. Now with the exception of Batman who has no powers, dont you have to have "powers" in order to be a superhero????

Looking at this recent pic above, Kanye surely is a great guide as what is fashionable. Just think, with his guidance you too can wear a bowtie and your girlfriend look like a streetwalker. Very classy!!

On being a rapper turned fashion designer and how it's seen as cliche:
"People base their opinions on cliche. There's a reason why they're cliches: 'I was gonna wear a coat today, but it would be so cliche.' How about some pants -- if it's not too cliche?"

It is also "cliche" to actually sing instead of using backtracks that accidentally skip to cover your voice.

On his infamous "I am the voice of this generation" quote:
"If not me, then who?" he says. "Someone could be a better rapper, dance better. But culturally impacting? When you look back at these four and a half years, who's the icon at the end of the day? Who broke down color barriers? What other black guy would a white person use as a fashion reference?"

What "color barriers" did you break down? If you crossed over into country music charts or branched out into any other medium other than rap THEN maybe you could make such a claim. One entertainer come to mind that actually did that, yeah I think his name was Elvis Presley.

50 Cent told MTV News, "I don't think the fans will forgive him for this. I don't think it's cool," 50 added, unabashed as ever. "I like Kanye as an artist. I don't like the record, to be honest — the entire record, I heard seven of them [songs] already. But I love him as an artist and I'd like to work with him in the future. It's a tough time for him. He's realizing the pressure of being in competition with the best artist he can be in competition with — that's Kanye West. When [the fans] put you up against your best material, you really realize what it's like."

"It was just what was in my heart," West told MTV Europe two weeks ago. "The type of ideas that it was coming up with, the melodies that were in me — what was in me I couldn't stop. I think it's a path; it's a road that's been paved and given by God. There's so many signs, and I just have to follow the signs and the arrows of where he wants me to go and just be fearless about it. It's so crazy — hip-hop used to be about being fearless, and now it's, like, all about being afraid. It used to be about standing out, now it's all about fitting in. Like, you know, I wear my tight jeans and stuff, and stand out, and people want to talk about me. ... Because when I had my baggy clothes and I was hip-hop, people talked about me too. Now hip-hop is like a big high school or something. So that's why I respect people who just do whatever they want to do."

Kanye, Thank God for Auto-Tune.

And on the flip side thank God for singers who dont need it.

If Auto-Tune was around from day one the world would have never been graced with melody carrying and falsetto climbing voices of Queen, Radiohead, Beatles, Beach Boys, Bowie, Genesis, Coldplay, Snowpatrol, U2, Ours, Starsailor, The Doves, Elbow, etc. Im sure I am leaving out so many more but I hope you get the point :)

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